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  New publication for ICOM Members: The ICOM Social Media Guidelines
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We are pleased to announce the release of a new reference tool for ICOM members: the ICOM Social Media Guidelines.

Communication is generally considered to be one of the most crucial aspects of any organisation, whether it is commercial, or not-for-profit like ICOM and its Committees. Every year, our Committees organise hundreds of activities, conferences and workshops. However, the information sometimes does not reach the potential global audience that ICOM has. For this reason, the Communications team of ICOM has created the ICOM Social Media Guidelines, in an effort to share good practices and tips on how to create communication campaigns and efficiently manage social media accounts.
The Guidelines include examples, practical tips and recommendations of free tools, as well as the ICOM Social Media Policy, a short document outlines the minimum standard for the official social media accounts of ICOM and its Committees. They are divided in five chapters:
  • The basics
  • Creating a campaign
  • Creating content
  • Daily management
  • Covering a live event
  • The ICOM Social Media Policy
ICOM Social Media Guidelines were presented during ICOM Kyoto 2019, in the workshop Smart and Digital: Creating and Running Communication Campaigns and Partnerships. The workshop, which included case studies, practical activities and Q&As, was attended by 85 participants.
We hope these Guidelines will help you manage your Committees social media accounts in a time-efficient way and encourage you to create compelling communication campaigns that will increase your Committees visibility.
Interested committees may also request a workshop based on the ICOM Social Media Guidelines in Spanish, English or French. If you are interested, contact our Communication Coordinator Alexandra Fernández Coego: alexandra.fernandez@icom.museum
Do not hesitate to share any comments or questions you might have with the ICOM Communications team at: icom.network@icom.museum