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  [ICOM ICMAH/국제고고학역사박물관위원회]Call for Paper
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오는 9월2~4일 교토에서 진행되는 "ICOM ICMAH/국제고고학역사박물관위원회" 연례회의에서 발표할 발표자를 모집합니다.
첨부파일을 참고하시고 회원님들의 많은 참여 부탁드립니다.
The language of the conference is ENGLISH. No translation will be available due to the budget concerns.
The participation to the ICMAH’s annual conference is free of charge. The travel and accommodation expenses of participants could not be taken in charge by ICMAH.
All presentations will take place in the online publication which will be published on ICMAH’s official web site.
A registration is required for participation to the conference and especially to the off-site meeting
For further information and details about the conference please visit our web site http://network.icom.museum/icmah and download the conference booklet http://network.icom.museum/icmah/events/coming-conference/

The timetable of proposal sending and registration is:
31st of March 2019 – deadline for paper proposals
If you send your paper proposal before, it will be evaluated the answer will be given within 10 days maximum to let you prepare your travel.
1st of July 2019 – deadline for registration for the conference and for the off-site meeting