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  Call for Articles – ICOM Voices
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The ICOM website serves as a communication platform for museum- and heritage-related projects, experiences and discussions about the sector. It promotes themes that are at the heart of the museums mission today such as sustainability, local development/community, heritage protection, intangible heritage and working conditions for museum professionals.
To encourage the exchange of experience and expertise among museum professionals, ICOM has created a new editorial space on its website for this purpose, called ICOM Voices. We are inviting all ICOM members to submit articles on the aforementioned themes in English, French or Spanish.
We welcome articles from all ICOM members on the following key topics:
  • Sustainability
  • Heritage protection
  • Intangible Heritage
  • Local Development and Communities
  • Museum Profession
Articles can be case studies, field reports, book reviews, exhibition or conference reviews; opinion pieces, etc.
How to submit an article:
To submit an article for ICOM Voices, please log in to your ICOM member space on the ICOM website and click on Submit an article proposal for ICOM Voices.
Please type a 100-word summary of your piece in the box provided. Full articles sent as an attachment will also be considered.
You can send your proposal in one of the three official languages of ICOM: English, French or Spanish.
Please ensure that your proposal relates to one of the five themes specified above.
The proposals received will be reviewed by the ICOM website editorial team. If your proposal is selected, we will contact you.
We look forward to receiving your proposals!