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12 January earthquake in Haiti
Urgent Need for Haiti heritage
by Crisis unit « Patrimoine en Danger » / 26 January 2010 / summary

This extract summarizes the needs expressed by Crisis Unit Patrimoine en Danger to conduct
the most urgent emergency operations for all types of heritage sites and objects. The Blue Shield
partners (ICA, ICOM, IFLA, ICOMOS, CCAAA) are actively working on this list and on the most
efficient way of giving adequate support to our friends and colleagues from Haiti.

Targeted sites
- Heritage buildings, completely or partly destroyed by the earthquake, which contain cultural objects, archives, administrative documents, photographs, books, documents on various media (CD, DVD, tapes etc) art objects and any other material part of the cultural and historical Haitian heritage.
- Premises of general interest institutions, keepers of Haitian historical memory and of Haitian cultural heritage elements.
- Private buildings housing important collections and archives, part of Haitian cultural and historical heritage.
Movable heritage Rescue operations
- Public and private archives and libraries
- Public and private art works and archaeological objects
- Audiovisual documents
- Movable cultural objects

1. Emergency operations
    1.1. Short term
- Prop up buildings
- Staff training in handling and transport of cultural objects
- Collect, make rough inventory and store in boxes archives, documents, books, movable objects and pieces of art.
- Transport cultural objects in a safe place and make sure minimum safeguarding/conservation requirements are met
   1.2. Medium term
- Set up a national inventory system and digitize the cultural items

   1.3. Long term
- Rebuild damaged places in line with minimum safeguarding/ conservation requirements
2. Urgent needs
   2.1. Manpower
- Prop up of damaged buildings specialists
- Archivists, seasoned restorers, specialized in natural hazards emergency rescue
- Wall frescos restorers
- Archive science, handling and transport of administrative documents teachers
- Records managers, specialist in archive science software
- Computer engineers with archive science software focus
- Digitalisation and databases specialists; keyboarders
- Volunteers team leaders including computer engineers, archivists, digitalisation and restoration specialists
- Bulk archives gatherers: volunteers (historians, archivists, painters, numismatists, sculptors, notary publics, students, associations and heritage friends)
- Specialists and technicians in paper, paintings conservation
- Movable cultural heritage inventory systems specialists
Seasoned photographs
  2.2. Equipment
- Antacid archive storage boxes (350X350X350 mm) and other types of containers
- Stationary tools and packing material
- Plastic gloves, protection masks and safety helmets with head lamp
- Notebooks and mainframe computers
- Cell phones, radios, GPS and digital cameras
- Transport vehicles
- Tents for items and staff temporary shelter
- Temporary storage facilities (with shelves and containers)
- Tubular scaffoldings

   2.3. Funds
We need money for:
- Logistics purposes (fuel, food, transportation, communications expenses...)
- Rent storage facilities
- Rent or buy second hand containers
- Incentive pay for non volunteers workers
- Purchase documents, photographs, audio and video material previous to the earthquake
- Make a written and photographical damage report
- Purchase inventory software and set up a database