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  [회의일정 안내] ICOM ICOMAM(국제무기전쟁사박물관위원회) Conference 2018
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War and Peace, Fear and Happiness

Ljubljana, Slovenia 30 September — 3 October
Pre-Conference Tour 27 to 29 September


The relevance of culture and in particular of cultural assets as catalysts for the formation of open, tolerant and cohesive societies has been also reinforced by a growing attention of the public opinion for preservation issues seen as a necessity to develop a better quality of life and an improvement of transnational cooperation.

In the year of the European Cultural Heritage Year 2018, ICOMAM will focus on the current historical memory of the wars of the 20th century.

Our topics will focus on:
War and Peace, Fear and Happiness

The wars waged with them and abandoned in their environments for future generations. The interpretation of heritage is considered dissonant when different groups attribute different stories to a certain object or landscape. «Dissonant heritage» is the heritage «that hurts» or that recall past events not easy to be reconciled with visitors’ values and everyday experience.

These objects are relevant evidence of certain periods, however, they are nowadays either neglected or cancelled or reinterpreted in misleading ways in which the political discourse is predominant with no insight into the aesthetic or cultural values (if any) and without a clear strategy to make of them a useful complex of historic resources for the understanding of difficult moments of European history.