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  [Webinar] IC Ethics Meeting Room
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IC Ethics Meeting Room

The Ethics of Diversity, Equity, Accessibility and Inclusion (DEAI) Work in the Museum Sector (Special IC Ethics Meeting Room)

29 July 2020, 4-5.30 pm EST / 10–11.30 pm CEST

What does it mean to do DEAI work in Museums? What are some of the ethical challenges and consequences faced by institutions that overlook DEAI work? How do these challenges affect museum professionals working in these areas?
In this special event organized and hosted by IC Ethics, participants will have the opportunity to hear and engage with museum professionals who utilize different strategies to advance DEAI work in their institutions. They will also share practical examples of how they have helped those institutions address some of those ethical challenges arising from overlooking this necessary work.
Moderator: Armando Perla, Board Member of IC Ethics
Panelists: Thiané Diop (Canada), Patty Arteaga (USA), Michael Jacobs (South Africa), Craig Middleton (Australia), Megan Sue-Chue-Lam (Canada), Julián Zapata Rincón (Colombia)