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  CIDOC(국제정보과학위원회) 2014 ANNUAL CONFERENCE 발표논문접수
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CIDOC Annual Conference 2014
Dresden/Germany, 6th-11th September 2014

Access and Understanding - Networking in the Digital Era

CIDOC, the International Committee for Documentation of ICOM, is dedicated to the documentation of museum collections.
The annual conference 2014 invites your contributions on the following topics:

* Strategies and Policies in Documentation
* Processes in Museum Documentation
* Museum Documentation as Profession
* Networking
* Metadata: Content metadata - Administrative metadata - Technical
* metadata - Legal metadata
* Multilingual Terminology
* Digital Long Term Preservation
* Intangible Cultural Heritage
* GIS-Applications in Cultural Heritage
* Digital Documentation in Archaeology

The deadline for submission of abstracts is 20th March 2014
Authors will be notified of acceptance not later than 1st May 2014
The deadline for the final paper is 15th June 2014