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ICOM Russia, ICOM Germany and ICOM US
International conference "Museums and Politics"

The Conference "Museum and Politics" brings together a critical topic,
international collaboration, and the chance to learn in two great
Russian cities.

First, our theme "Museum and Politics" ensures that cultural figures,
politicians of different levels, businessmen and representatives of
the press will all participate in this conference--in addition to a
diverse group of museum colleagues. By our focus, we anticipate that
all aspects of museums and politics, from state policies to
exhibitions to internal museum work will be discussed. The theme is a
critical topic to many nations, and so we expect great participation.

Secondly, this is the first time that national museum committees from
different continents have organized a conference together. It is
organized by three ICOM National Committees - ICOM Russia, ICOM
Germany and ICOM US and will feature presentations by museum
colleagues from these and other nations.

Thirdly, the Conference will consist of two parts, held in two
different Russian cities - Saint Petersburg and Yekaterinburg. In
addition to expanded session presentations, participants will also be
able to visit heritage sites and museums of these two cities. Because
sessions and other events will be held in museums and other cultural
sites, the conference offers an unparalleled opportunity to learn more
about Russian museums and collections and connect with international

The 2014 Conference will be held in:
* Saint-Petersburg - 09 - 12 of September
* Yekaterinburg 13 - 14 of September

Registration fee

For ICOM members - 50 Euros
For non-members of ICOM - 100 Euros
Students - 25 Euros
Accompanying persons - 100 Euros
Speaker - Free

The Registration Fee includes: Participation in sessions (not for
accompanying persons), working materials, welcome party, farewell
party, coffee-breaks, lunches and cultural program.

Registration is open on the conference Web-site -

Please note that you still could send us your abstract!

Abstract Submission Deadline 31st of March 2014