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2015 American Alliance of Museums Session Proposal


The Social Value of Museums: Inspiring Change" Museum colleagues can submit proposals that address any facet of the theme as a panel presentation with other museum colleague in Korea or other parts of the world or a single innovative case study from their museum in the Lessons from the International Community series. The session proposal deadline is August 25. You do not have to be an AAM member to submit a proposal.

We invite session proposers to consider some of the following questions:

- What does it mean to advance the social engagement of museums?
- Is this a role that museums should embrace?
- How are museums addressing human and social needs through their programs,

  practices and operations?
- What kind of training and staff will be required to sustain this effort?
- What benefits derive from the social role of museums and how do we measure

- How do we identify the social problems that we have the capacity to help solve?

- What strategies should we employ?
- How will we communicate the valuable role we play globally in addressing social