Invitation from Co-Chairmen

It is a great honour and pleasure to invite you to the 20th General Conference and the 21st General Assembly of ICOM 2004 in Seoul. Hosting the first ICOM in Asia with great pride, we are doing our best to make this significant event fruitful and memorable.

The main theme of the conference, "Museums and Intangible Heritage", with a few related subjects, is expected to offer us valuable opportunities to look into the spiritual depths of diverse cultures in the world. We hope the Conference in Seoul will offer every museum professional a precious and exciting opportunity to share ideas on this important subject. The cultural programmes during the Conference will give you a wonderful experience through demonstration and exhibition of the intangible heritage of Korea.

We look forward to seeing you all in Seoul.

Co-chairmen, ICOM 2004 SEOUL Organising Committee

Byung-Mo Kim, Ph.D.

Korean National Committee of ICOM

Kun-Moo Yi

National Museum of Korea

Jong-Kyu Kim

Korean Museum Association

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